I activate my UM account (english version)

This procedure allows you to activate your ENT account from a link contained in the e-mail sent to your personal e-mail account. Please note that the link has an expiration date.

Step 1: Acceptance of the UM IT Policy Statement

  • Read the University IT policy statement by clicking on the link,
  • Accept the policy statement by ticking the box 
  • Click  « Suivant »
Copie d'écran de la première étape permettant d'accepter la charte informatique

Step 2: Your ENT university e-mail account

A university mailbox will be created at the end of the ENT account validation procedure and will be available in your ENT platform.

Step 2-1: Forward your ENT emails to another email address (optional)

  • You can set up a mail redirection to an external mailbox by checking the box provided for this purpose, and by entering a valid mail address (by default it is your personal mail address that will appear).
  • You can also choose to keep a copy of the emails in your university mailbox by checking the box provided.
Copie de l'écran permettant de mettre en place unbe redirection de messagerie

Step 2-2: Validate your forwarding email address

  • If you have entered a forwarding email address that is different from the backup email address, you should activate it through the confirmation e-mail received.
  • Check your forwarding email address and click the activation link.

Step 3: Choose a password

Choose a password to connect to your ENT and click on the button « Suivant »

Step 4: Confirmation, important information

  • Your ENT university account is now activated and you will be able to connect to the ENT platform of the University of Montpellier.
  • The information page shows you:
    • Your username to the UM ENT (identical to your university e-mail address: )
    • Your forwarding email address if you have chosen to forward your emails

Connection to the UM ENT

Go to: https://ent.umontpellier.fr

To connect please enter:

  • Your university email address. It has this structure:
  • Your password.

Problem resolution

  • Je n’ai pas activé mon compte informatique durant le délai imparti ;
  • Je n’ai pas fourni de mail lors de mon inscription ;
  • Je n’ai pas reçu le mail d’activation.

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